ancient wisdom for vibrant living


Ayurveda is an ancestral holistic health system.
A global medicine of the body, mind and spirit recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization).
A millennial practice which originated in India and is now practiced worldwide.
The Sanskrit word “ayurveda” means: science of life.
By nature, human beings seek homeostasis (state of equilibrium) which is constantly
modified by our way of living and our environment.
The ultimate goal of ayurveda is to bring the individual back
to his/her state of equilibrium, on both the physical and emotional levels.

The Ayurvedic practitioner offers pragmatic solutions to regain balance and prevent the evolution
of symptoms into diseases. The tools and advice offered by the practitioner will enable you to become
autonomous in your approach towards optimal health. You will discover that small daily changes
have a huge impact on your long-term health andwell-being.
Ayurveda believes in a gentle approach to health.

Digestion (Agni)
Vital energy (Prana)
Immunity (Ojas)

Optimal digestion favours the flow of energy whichprovides vitality and optimism.
Our immunity, vital essence, is thus strengthened.

The practitioner first determines the nature of the imbalances and recommends personalized
adjustments accordingly. These recommendations include specific guidelines in:
nutrition, life routines, phytotherapy, stress management, yoga postures,
chakras, meditation, etc.

Ayurveda treats all kinds of health problems:
indigestion, arthritis, anxiety, weight management, memory loss,
constipation, insomnia, depression, etc.
Ayurveda is a complement to the allopathic system and can provide to already
exisiting therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation etc...