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The Vata Dosha Type


On the physical level
Thin, slender, delicate, prominent joints, hair and skin with a dry tendency, frizz or split ends, cold extremities (often cold on hands and feet), small eyes.

On the physiological level
Irregular digestion; tendency to bloat, irregular elimination, prefers hot or warm food. Light, irregular sleep; tends to have insomnia.

On the mental and emotional level
Energetic and creative, demonstrates initiative, flexibility, good communication skills and adaptability (when in a state of balance), is spontaneous and enthusiastic, easily understands a new concept, has easy speech, tends to be anxious and agitated, likes to start new projects, is inclined to spend money and has difficulty saving.

Result with VATA dominant
The person with these results may experience several symptoms related to typical Vata imbalances: stress or anxiety tendency, insomnia or shallow sleep, dry skin, bloating, intestinal irregularities, dry to very dry skin, very dry hair, cold hands and feet, difficulty warming up etc. The objective will therefore be to soothe vata to help her regain her state of equilibrium, to root and warm up.

Wild Grace Botanical Rituals

The Vata line, is nourishing, replenishing and grounding.