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WILD GRACE is a Montreal based company devoted to creating eco-luxe organic skin care.
We want to bring the simplicity of traditional Ayurvedic beauty rituals to your everyday modern beauty routine.
Our products are all handmade in small batches with pure certified organic & wild ingredients.
Our goal is to address beauty from the inside out knowing that cellular intelligence knows exactly what to do when you feed it the right ingredients. WILD GRACE is a plant-based skincare line created for healthy & radiant looking skin!

The best way is to take our online SKIN DOSHA QUIZ

Still unsure as to which one your are?
Email us at this address and we will be happy to help you make a clear decision:

Also, keep in mind that your skin's requirements may change with age and climate and many other factors.
Ordering one of our Mini sets may help you decide which one is best suited to you in the moment.

The main reason for this is because of high skin pH.
Acidity reacts with the metal (copper, tin and trace of zinc) and creates the greyness on the skin.

Here are some of the reasons:1. In Ayurvedic terms it can be that you are strongly constitutionally, or as a result of life's circumstances conditionally PITTA. This fiery quality tends to make the body/and or skin more prone to being more acidic.

2. It can and also be the result of DIET and/or an environment that has a lot of pollution in the air.

3. Products that you use on your body and complexion have residual chemicals in them.
These an be in the pores and drawn out by the Kansa. This could be sunscreen, moisturizers, make-up etc.
They might be excellent products but just not suited to your skin type, in which case the Kansa is giving you vital feedback.

4. The greying can affect you immediately or after a period of time.
In terms of time factor, it can be that you're rubbing away on your face and feet and after 5 minutes the greying begins to come out. You are drawing out toxins from deeper in the body/tissues.
The greying effect is positive.You are eliminating toxins, decreasing your body's acidity, and bringing yourself to a higher level of balance and wellness.The greying easily wipes off with our Cleansing Oil, your face cleanser of choice, or any facial oil. 

It might sound counter-intuitive; however, cleansing oils have become very popular and well received. This skin care method is recommended by dermatologists, and the right oils are surprisingly effective for cleansing your skin. From a scientific perspective, oil dissolves oil (and oil helps moisturize your skin). As chemistry states, “like dissolves like”. It’s true. The right oil cleanser will actually help dissolve the oil that is stuck in your pores!

The WILD GRACE Cleansing Oil is made of the following completely organic, natural and safe ingredients. It has a lovely, soothing scent and is of the highest quality: Flower infused jojoba oil (with locally grown rose and calendula flowers), apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, essential oils of geranium, wild lavender, sweet orange, helichrysum, Ho wood, ylang-ylang, and cistus.

At WILD GRACE, we want to empower you to reconnect with yourself through self-care rituals, mindfulness, and healthy lifestyle choices that realign you to your authentic and joyful nature. We want you to have the best skin ever by providing the right ingredients for true radiance and a healthy glow! Our oil cleansing product can help you achieve that radiance and glow.

When you create a sacred space and moment to honour the divine within. WILD GRACE Skincare is all about the experience. it's about creating a sense of slowing down, through daily self-care practices. Visit The Complete Ritual to learn more.