Wild Grace



Jasmine Hemsley

East by West
Interview with Kim Parenteau,
founder of WILD GRACE

“There is no doubt in my mind that meeting with a practitioner is the first step to opening the door to a more balanced, supported, nourished and fulfilled life. The reason I’m advocating this is that we all deserve to live the best life possible and to feel good in our body and soul. The other key element is observation. You must observe your qualities: the quality of your skin, your state of mind, your emotions, etc.; they are always giving you clues on where you are at in this given moment. That’s what really matters: being present for who we are.”


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"This chic addition to nay medicine cabinet is so much more than meets the eye and works overtime to calm red, inflamed and acne-prone skin without any greasy feel."

Châtelaine Magazine


"Une belle marque Montréalaise à découvrir: Wild Grace, fondée par Kim Parenteau, s'inspire de la médecine ayurvédique."