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Discover the art and science of the WILD GRACE signature facial through our immersive online training. Open to all beauty enthusiasts, this course will immerse you in the captivating world of our exclusive protocol.

We believe in making our training accessible to all who aspire to master the art of the WILD GRACE facial. However, to be featured as a certified WILD GRACE esthetician on our official website, we require our participants to have obtained a diploma in aesthetics from a recognized school. This is our way of ensuring the excellence and quality of our certified practitioners.

Join us on this transformative journey and delve deep into the artistry of the WILD GRACE facial. Register today and embark on your journey to becoming a true expert in the realm of holistic beauty.

The Passionate WILD GRACE Holistic Educators

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The immersive WILD GRACE Facial Experience

WILD GRACE Facial Rituals

✦ Opening Ritual: Grounding & Intentions
✦ Facial Cleansing
✦ Exfoliation (Crystal Combs)
✦ Marma Points (Acupressure)
✦ Ayurvedic Facial Massage (Mukha Abhyanga)
✦ Facial Massage with Kansa Wand
✦ Eye Contour Massage (Mushroom Tools)
✦ Illuminating Mask
✦ Application of Beauty Care
✦ Closing the Treatment

Receive lifetime access to the filmed modules

Captivating Video Modules

Gain exclusive lifetime access to over 14 video capsules, providing a comprehensive visual understanding of each ritual.

These captivating videos are designed to make the protocol not only accessible but also lively, guiding you through each step with precision and care.

It's an opportunity to witness the techniques in action, grasp the nuances of Ayurvedic facial massage, the application of beauty treatments, and much more.

With these visual resources, mastering the art of holistic care becomes not only achievable but also inspiring, allowing you to offer your clients an exceptional experience based on profound understanding and expert skills.


(Over 70 pages)

In addition to the ten captivating rituals, each enrolled esthetician will receive an exclusive link to download a comprehensive 70-page manual, an invaluable resource that details every step of the process.

This manual will become your essential companion, providing detailed protocols, practical tips, and enriching illustrations to guide your practice toward excellence. Consider it your compass during this journey, supporting you at every step of your professional evolution.

Sample page

A Journey of The Senses

Each session of the WILD GRACE Signature Facial is a multi-dimensional experience.
From captivating scents to delicate textures, every element is carefully chosen to create a symphony of sensations.
Your clients will be transported to a world where beauty is a magical fusion of the external and internal, creating a harmonious experience.


Enroll in this training to offer your clients a luxurious, immersive, eco-friendly treatment imbued with gentleness and kindness.

Elevate your esthetic practice to an unforgettable experience, taking your service to new levels of relaxation and radiance.

It's been a really long time since I attended a training that resonated with me as much as yours did... The last time was over 20 years ago during my esthetics training! Finally, humans with the same vision as mine regarding aesthetic care, a healthy lifestyle, and the intention to do good. Thank you for simply existing and sharing your knowledge! Bianca xx

WILD GRACE, simply divine! 🌱 I am a nature enthusiast, loving the scent of trees and plants... I'm in love! Mother Nature sends us messages continuously, and this one has left a mark on me! A "Grounding" and revealing feeling. The training given by passionate women has inspired me to forge my path, fueled by my passion to help people struggling to be in the present moment and teach them the simplicity of Ayurveda at home with WILD GRACE!

I loved the training for its entirety, the thoughtful touches with the Flow water bottles and snacks, and the lip balm were truly appreciated. The techniques used with the massage tools were very cool, showing great wisdom in this treatment! Kim's care in crafting the products charmed me; there's love in all of it with pure ingredients! The entire team was in perfect harmony! I learned, loved, played! Thanks again.

It allowed me to learn new techniques to create a new Ayurvedic facial treatment that combines an experience for the sense of smell, touch, and hearing all at once! The trainers are very generous with their presence and teachings. Thank you very much!!

It's a training to follow to enhance one's practice 🌟 It's an extraordinary ritual to offer and to receive! ✨🌸

What a beautiful experience! What I loved were the techniques and the treatment protocol, not just pampering but also skin lifting. I adored the scents, the synergy, and the trainers. Truly, congratulations, and thank you!

I loved it! I am so happy to have been able to participate. Truly, the three of you did an incredible job of giving us the best. I greatly appreciated the sharing and the details you put into this training. Thank you again.

The WILD GRACE training is what I've been looking for. It combines the spiritual, physical, and sensory aspects that encompass facial/massage. The three trainers are knowledgeable, with very positive energies and a human approach. I highly recommend it.

What a wonderfully indescribable sensory experience!!!! Given by three extraordinary and generous women.

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Investing in the WILD GRACE Signature Facial Training will enhance your skill set and align you with a holistic and transformative approach to beauty and well-being.


Top 10 reasons to Enroll

Holistic Approach
Learn a holistic approach to facial care that transcends traditional aesthetics, integrating mind, body, and soul for a comprehensive experience.

Deep Relaxation
Understand the intention behind the facial treatment – to provide deep relaxation, guide individuals on a sensory journey, and promote overall well-being and radiant skin.

Founder's Expertise
Benefit from the expertise of Kim, the founder of WILD GRACE, who combines knowledge from yoga, Ayurveda, and various holistic practices to create a unique and transformative facial experience.

Transformational Beauty
Offer more than just a skincare routine – provide a transformational holistic experience that goes beyond surface-level beauty.

Access to Community
Join a growing community of certified estheticians, fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and ongoing support through a dedicated Facebook group.

Lifetime Access
Gain lifetime access to the online training, allowing continuous learning, revisiting modules, and staying updated on the latest holistic skincare practices.

Certification Opportunities
Receive certification upon completion, recognizing your expertise in the WILD GRACE Signature Facial and providing the option to showcase your certification on the official website.

Comprehensive Resources
Access comprehensive resources, including a 70-page manual, 14 video capsules, and detailed guides, ensuring a thorough understanding of each aspect of the protocol.

Become a WILD GRACE Partner
Unlock the potential to become a WILD GRACE partner, with access to wholesale options, special promotions, the opportunity to resell WILD GRACE products, and the chance to elevate your skincare practice.

Unique Wholesale Kits
Explore exclusive offers on starter kits, such as "Les Essentiels" and "Le Complet," providing everything needed to start offering WILD GRACE Signature Facials.

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Immerse yourself in the world of holistic skincare. Discover the transformative power of our WILD GRACE facial rituals, designed to bring balance and radiance to both your clients and yourself. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your skills and offer your clients an experience they'll never forget. Join us now and start your journey towards holistic beauty!


The protocol is unique in its holistic approach, combining outer beauty with inner well-being. Each ritual is carefully crafted to provide a complete experience of relaxation and fulfillment.

Once enrolled, you will receive instant access to our online platform, where you can progress through the modules at your own pace, comfortably from your home.

It is required to have obtained a diploma in aesthetics from a recognized professional institution. However, the training is designed for estheticians of all levels. The detailed videos and comprehensive manual will guide you gradually through each ritual, making the learning accessible to everyone.

The manual is a detailed resource providing in-depth explanations, practical tips, and illustrations for each step of the protocol. It becomes your essential guide throughout your learning journey.

Yes, once purchased, the training and videos are accessible for a lifetime. You can go back, review the modules, and access the resources at any time.

We provide ongoing support through our online platform. You can ask questions in the dedicated forum and receive direct assistance.

Absolutely! The protocol is designed to be integrated into any salon or spa, adding a holistic dimension to your range of treatments.

Yes, once you have completed the training, you will receive a certificate of completion, acknowledging your expertise in the WILD GRACE Signature Facial Treatment Protocol. You will also have the option to open a professional account with us and the opportunity to be featured as a certified WILD GRACE esthetician on the official website.