• The Elixir Plumping Serum

    I've been using the serum since I received it in the mail and omgggg. The way it seeps into my skin, the smell, the way it makes my makeup look amazing!! Ahhh I love it. I'll defintely be looking into purchasing more from your company. Thank you so much again.


  • The WILD GRACE Serums

    These products are outstanding. Not only do they perform, they make the only oil based serum that soaks into my skin, instead of rolling into my eyes!


  • VATA Sérum

    Kim's products are charged with love and wild crafted with beauty and grace. I replaced my high end skin care from Sephora with the Vata Face serum and my skin is noticeably more radiant and healthy. I am often told I am glowing and the scent is divine, soothing and so grounding. I ran out of the serum and switched back to my old routine for two days and experienced a break out! My skin got used to the good natural stuff! Back to Wild Grace I go! I am now going to try Kim's tridoshic blend to switch it up.

    Liana Carbone


    Ce que j'aime: Sa texture douce, légère et qui pénètre la peau rapidement. Le soin contient de l'huile d'abricot et de citrouuille qui sont réputés pour adoucir la peau et illuminer le teint. Le point fort: J'adore l'effet  adoucissant et protecteur sur ma peau mais surtout le parfum exquis de cette huile. La première fois que j'ai utilisé ce produit, j'ai été conquise, puis je me suis demandée pourquoi je l'avais pas utilisé plus tôt! 

    Oyéta, founder of @okokocosmetiques

  • PITTA Sérum

    I’ve been using this serum on my face morning and night for a few weeks now and I must say that I can’t live without it. My skin has a nice glow and is much softer. I would sometimes get breakouts and haven’t gotten any since I’ve been using the pitta serum. I find that it hydrates my skin just the perfect amount! If I could, I would bathe in it!


  • VATA Parfum

    I am hypersensitive and I have been wearing the VATA perfume every day for several months without any issues. The VATA Perfume is, in my opinion, worthy of a great perfume. Its notes are inspiring for the soul, and enveloping for the heart. In addition, I receive many compliments. Thank you for this creation! I love it.


  • VATA Parfum

    I bought the roll-on perfume after I discovered it at a yoga convention in Montreal. I was already mesmerized by it at the first smell! After I bought it, I was asked dozens of times by friends and people in the street what is my scent! It is delicate, subtle and it keeps me calm. Whenever I feel stressed, I smell my wrists (where I apply the oil) and I travel instantly :) It's a magical recipe and I would NEVER EVER go back to regular perfumes! Thanks a lot!

    Julia G.

  • PITTA Body Oil

    Voilà! Si vous regardez les trois produits de la gamme Pitta, vous verrez à chacun un commentaire de ma part pour vous dire à quel point je suis ravie par ces produits. L'odeur de cette huile est sublime. Douce mais surtout rien à voir avec tous les produits sur le marché. Mon truc, en sortant de la douche je ne sèche pas ma peau et j'applique l'huile et laisse la nature se faire... ça en prend moins et elle pénètre très rapidement. L'odeur n'est pas dominante ou masquante (après quelques minutes bien sûr), elle s'harmonise à merveille avec le Parfum PITTA de cette gamme. M E R C I. Quelle belle découverte!

    Isabelle Grenier

  • PITTA & KAPHA Sérums

    Ahhh how much do I ever love this serum!! I have a tendency to have small breakouts around my chin area and ever since I've been applying the Pitta and Kapha serum twice a day (for about 6 weeks) the inflammation has completely gone. My skin feels soft and looks really healthy, with a great glow. I even get compliments on my skin which is amazing to me since I had bad skin most of my life. I never imagined that applying oils on a pimple would be good, but it is definitely working...And like all other products made by Kim, the smell is absolutely amazing...Great, great product. Thank you.

    Katerine Brisebois

  • Pitta Sérum

    I was a little worried about applying oil on my face but as I'm already in love with the PITTA perfume, I tried my luck. What Happiness .... Does not leave any greasy residue, the smell (like all WILD GRACE products) is really nice. The serum is skin plumping and smooth and gives a luminous complexion. I know everyone's skin is different, but I am Pitta-Vata, combination to dry skin, and at 47 years of age I can say that this serum is made for me.... I adopt!

    Isabelle Grenier

  • VATA Sérum

    What's not to say about this Vata serum!!! It's just amazing...I have Pitta/Vata skin and tend to have a bit of dryness on my cheeks and around the eyes. I apply the serum morning and night and even use is as my daily moisturizer and wrinkle oil. It is so potent that it perfectly hydrates my skin all day and doesn't require me to add any additional facial moisturizer. And the smell is just divine.!! I am an absolute fan of all the serums and even wish the bottles were bigger ;)


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