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Francesca Massi
Deep Forest Cleansing Balm

Love this cleansing balm! It smells divine; I feel like I am in the forest surrounded by nature's magic. And when on the skin, it feels like butter! It is great at taking off makeup even mascara is no issue and it doesn't leave a greasy nor a dry tight feeling on the skin. Skin feels perfectly balanced after a cleanse!!

Lovely and subtle

When you want moisture and a soft hint of colour, this product is your go to.

Fantastic Cleanser!

I'm so glad Wild Grace created this cleansing balm! I'm a huge fan of oil cleansing in the evening, but not so much in the morning. This cleanser is perfect! It smells AMAZING so it's almost like aromatherapy while cleansing. I love the texture! It's buttery straight out of the jar, goes on smoothly, and becomes a milky lather when applied to a damp face. It rinses off very nicely and leaves the skin feeling fresh and soft. It NEVER gives that tight post-cleansing feeling, and is moisturizing while not creating breakouts. Will continue to buy it!

Best Lip Balm EVER!

I'm now on my second one, soon to need a third. They last quite a while and are fantastic! The cardamom vanilla scent is amazing and it's the best smelling lip balm I've ever had. Smoothes on nicely, not too glossy but has a subtle shine. Very moisturizing. Love that it's package is plastic-free. 100% will keep buying this lip balm!


The Wild Grace Elixir Serum is a true gamechanger for when my skin flares up – it magically soothes and beautifies it at the same time, especially targeting acne and color blemishes. Just a small amount goes a long way into reconnecting with my true and unencumbered skin again. This truly is a fantastic product, but better yet is that it is completely natural without questionable chemicals often found in other brands! I would (and have) highly recommend this Elixir Serum to anyone looking for a natural approach to dealing with their skin; fixing occasional flares-ups and ensuring it is in the best shape it can be for years to come! Props and thanks to Kim and the entire Wild Grace team <3

Never seen anything like it 😊

Before trying this serum myself I heard a lot about it from a friend who said it improved her skin drastically, but I thought she was maybe exaggerating. BUT NO! It’s been months now that I’m trying it myself, I’m on my second bottle now and I love it!! It has improved my skin in many ways. I have enlarged pores on my cheek bones and nothing has ever helped reduce( to almost completely gone) but this serum. It also helped me a lot with my acne scars and I see a big difference in how it evened my overall skin tone. I used it with the Crystal Facial Mist and my skin felt so hydrated and was glowing all day, when i would look in the mirror I couldn’t believe my skin looked so beautiful without any makeup on. Definitely worth adapting into your routine!! And also the scent is so relaxing and adds to the serenity of the ritual.

Facial KANSA Wand

Lovely Kansa wand, well made and effective…plus it just feels nice on my skin :)

Carole Pelletier


The ELIXIR - Plumping Serum
Mireille St-Pierre

Ce sérum rend immédiatement la peau soyeuse et radieuse! Il sent terriblement bon, et il est à la fois riche et léger. J'en mets même le matin. J'adore suivre son application d'une petite routine avec une pierre gua-sha.

Merci beaucoup Mireille xx

Quels merveilleux produits

J’adore mon nouveau rituel pour le visage. Ce soin laisse ma peau éclatante et tellement douce. J’ai quelques imperfections sur mon visage et j’ai la peau grâce et ces produits n’affectent pas ma peau au contraire. Je le conseille à toutes les types de peau.

Ça prit un peu de temps avant d’avoir le formulaire d’inscription


I love kapha it’s so beautiful will keep ordering this scent. My favorite it makes me feel great. Thanks

Facial KANSA Wand
amrita tiwari

Facial KANSA Wand

VATA Body Oil - Nourish
Isabelle Stüssi

I love the warm and natural scent!

Victoria Diamond

Beautiful, quality products that are natural, healthy, and made conscientiously.


Merci beaucoup.

J'adore !


For someone like me, that waxes the upper lip, with easily irritated skin prone to blemish; the pitta serum is divine. And smells sooo goood. And absorbs so beautifully. And leaves my face so hydrated and radiant! I’ve been using the PITTA SERUM for years now. It’s what I use after waxing, after exfoliating, all-day everyday; whenever I can. It’s probably the best formula I have ever tried that instantly soothes my sensitive skin. #GRATEFUL FOR THIS PRODUCT

Unusually pleasant scent!

Such an unusual lip balm for me - vanilla scent with a very light flavor or cardamom, leaving my lips soft and nourished, and a lovely eco tube! I liked my choice!

The Crystal Facial Mist
Elena Bondarchuk
Beautiful and gentle mist!

I like its herbal and forest-reminding scent, as well as its gentle effect on my face. I tried it as a mist and as a toner, and both options felt good :)

The ELIXIR - Plumping Serum
Sophie St-Laurent

Loveeee it :))

Beautiful plant-based cleansing oil!

I like natural and plant-based products for my sensitive skin, and this one is not an exception: gentle and soft cleansing effect on my skin)) Thank you!

Thank you so much Elena!

Great products, amazing smell

This trio feels so great to use and leaves skin soft and clean!

The ELIXIR - Plumping Serum

Beautiful cleansing balm with a refreshing smell!

I am attracted to natural and forest aromas, so I couldn't pass by this balm. It smells very refreshing and reminds me of my childhood, as well as working very smoothly and gently on my skin. Great product! Thank you!