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Celebrate Yourself & the skin you are in ūüĖ§
with our heart-shaped Opalite Gua Sha

The Gua Sha is a great addition to your daily beauty rituals. Gua sha is a traditional East Asian and Chinese technique used to invite well-being, and circulation. This face-sculpting tool is used to improve the skin's firmness and enhance the performance of facial oils/serums absorption for a smoother and firmer skin appearance. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The perfect daily ritual to enhance your beauty and well-being!

Key Benefits?

  • Helps with the appearance of smooth skin texture and rosy complexion
  • Supports circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

What is Gua Sha

The name gua sha ‚ÄĒ pronounced¬†gwahshah¬†‚ÄĒ comes from the Chinese word for scraping. It may also be called skin scraping, spooning, or coining.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, qi or chi is energy that flows through the body. Many people believe that a person’s qi must be balanced and flow freely to ensure their health and wellbeing. People also believe that qi can become blocked, causing pain or tension in the muscles and joints. Gua sha aims to move this blocked energy to relieve aches or stiffness.


Our choice of Opalite stone 

Perfected throughout the centuries, this precious opal gemstone tool was built to provide a firming, lifting effect on the skin. According to Chinese medicine, this stone supports the skin, kidneys, eyes, hair, and nails. It is a great stone for emotional support, often associated with eroticism, passion, love, and burning desire.

For best results

*We recommend using one of our oil-based serums to begin with, or our cleansing oil. This will aid absorption and enhance the effects of your serum or oil.

***You will receive the Gua Sha Sequence Ritual Postcard with each order.

WILD GRACE Gua Sha RitualWILD GRACE Gua Sha opal opalite facial lift


    Note: Expect natural variations in the stones. Each Gua Sha will be unique in colour and pattern. The smoothness of the edges is the primary function of the Gua Sha we inspect each stone to ensure the edge is not rough or sharp. It is normal for natural indentations to be present which are characteristic of natural crystal stone and do not adversely affect its use or performance.  



    Key tips to make the most of your practice:

    *We recommend using one of our oil-based serums to begin with, or our cleansing oil. This will aid absorption and enhance the effects of your serum or oil.

    + I suggest sweeping each area a minimum of three times. For a longer practice, sweep up to 10 times.

    + Keep your tool almost flat to your skin (about 15 degrees) rather than having the edge of the tool at 90 degrees to your skin.

    + When your tool starts to drag or pull on your skin, add a little more oil for better slip.

    + Have fun experimenting with which side and shape of the tool best fit with your face.


    Do not do gua sha on fresh botox. Talk to the provider who injected it to find out how soon you can safely implement facial massage.

    Do not do gua sha on top of injected fillers in the face.


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