Do-It-Yourself Ayurveda Facials Mask Recipes

Did you know feeling beautiful is all about what you put into your body and mind? Feeling secure and loved, living a life of purpose and making healthy lifestyle choices will help you radiate from the inside out. Being authentic, taking care of your body—your sacred temple, is a natural way to release unnecessary accumulated tension and stress.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it can absorb much of what we lather onto it. Choosing organic, botanical and non-toxic skincare products like those offered by Wild Grace can help you feel and look your best. Self-care practices are the foundation of true nourishment and lead to a gorgeous healthy glow! To anoint your body with nourishment for your skin and soul is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

Nourishing your skin is easy! Here are a few of our favourite natural Ayurvedic Do-It-Yourself facial mask recipes that you can put together with ease and enjoy at home. First, here is some important information about Doshas and how they relate to your skin. 

What are DOSHAS? 
Within the philosophy of the Ayurvedic approach, the doshas are biological energies found throughout the human body and mind. They govern all physical and mental processes and provide every living being with an individual blueprint for health and fulfillment. There are three doshas in Ayurveda: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The first dosha, Vata is made up of air and space elements. The second dosha, Pitta is made up of fire and water. The third dosha, Kapha is made up of water and earth. In terms of skin, a predominantly Vata dosha individual will experience dryness, premature aging and thinning of the skin. A predominantly Pitta dosha individaul will experience sensitivity, rosacea, acne and will have combination skin with a tendency towards inflammation. A predominantly Kapha dosha individual will experience oiliness, cysts, larger pores and/or blackheads. You can address any of these skin conditions with our WILD GRACE products that support and bring balance to your doshas. In addition, these DIY maks recipes will do wonders for your skin!

You can enjoy a “home spa day” for a fraction of the cost of going to a fancy spa. Pamper your skin with true spa-like treatments in 5 steps or less, and experience natural glowing and radiating beauty from the inside-out!

DIY Vata Mask recipe for dry skin

Facial Mask for Dry Skin
Ayurvedic mask for VATA: Honey Rose Mask 
1.) Mix Fresh Rose Petals (6-8), 2 tablespoons of rose water, 1 teaspoon plain yogurt and 1 teaspoon raw honey in a medium bowl. For a more potent effect, add 4 drops of Wild Grace Beauty botanical VATA SERUM.
2.) Soak the rose petals for an hour. 
3.) Crush the rose petals in a bowl or mortar. 
4.) Mix the yogurt and honey with the rose petals and apply to your face. 
5.) Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with a facecloth. Enjoy your radiant and moisturized skin! 

DIY PITTA Mask recipe for sensitive skin

Facial Mask for Combination Skin
Ayurvedic mask for PITTA: Turmeric Mask. 
1.) Mix 1 tablespoon of chickpea flour, 1tbsp of honey and 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric in a small bowl. For a more potent effect, add 4 drops of Wild Grace botanical PITTA SERUM. This turmeric mask works well to reduce acne and eczema. It reduces inflammation and redness, and promotes skin healing. It also helps to exfoliate and moisturize your skin for firm, tighter skin, giving the face a more youthful appearance. 
2.) Apply to a clean face. 
3.) Let sit for 15 minutes, relax, and rinse off with a facecloth. Enjoy your radiant and beautiful skin! 

DIY KAPHA Mask recipe for oily or dull skin

Facial Mask for Oily (Kapha) Skin
Ayurvedic mask for Kapha. Purifying Mask. 
1.) Combine 1 tablespoon pink clay powder, 1 teaspoon Triphala powder, 1 teaspoon aloe gel, 1 teaspoon rose or witch hazel water, 2 drops lemongrass essential oil. For a more POTENT effect, add 4 drops of Wild Grace botanical KAPHA SERUM.
2.) Mix all of the mask ingredients together in a small bowl until you obtain a smooth consistency. 
3.) Prep your skin by applying a damp warm towel on your face and wiping off the day’s impurities with gentle strokes. 
4.) With a mask brush or your finger, apply the paste all over your face, avoiding the more sensitive eye areas. 
5.) Allow the mask to dry and set for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat to dry. Enjoy your beautiful glowing skin! 


We hope you'll enjoy all of these easy DIY mask recipes.

Have a beautiful day!

from The WILD GRACE Team

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