With the change of time which has just arrived, it is the beautiful, warm and sunny days that are waiting for you. It is therefore important to wake up your skin gently, like the buds slowly opening in the sun. This is why I would like to introduce the WILD GRACE Crystal Facial Mist and introduce you to the ingredients behind it, these 4 botanical extracts with miraculous properties for the skin of the face. The tonic acts as a conductor, preparing your skin to receive all the phytonutrients offered in our SERUMS for radiant skin! The perfect ritual for an outing in the great outdoors, with a fresh and toned face.

Green Tea Extract

Calms irritation, evens skin tone, soothes redness, repairs sun damage, decreases the appearance of blackheads, eliminates impurities on the skin's surface, and reduces the appearance of pimples.

Ginseng Extract

Rich in phytonutrients, ginseng helps tone and brighten the skin.

Rosehip Extract

Rich in vitamins (especially vitamin C) and minerals, rosehips promote cell regeneration, in addition to helping repair damaged tissue: stretch marks, scars, sunburn, acne, and eczema. Protects, hydrates, soothes and reduces inflammation of the skin.

Grapeseed Extract

Activates cell regeneration and helps fight against free radicals responsible for the aging of the skin thanks to its composition rich in natural antioxidants. Also promotes skin circulation and skin hydration by limiting water loss.


What other precious ingredients give all this freshness to our facial mist?

Rose Hydrosol

Favored by Cleopatra to keep her skin moist and supple, rose hydrosol refreshes warm, glowing skin while smoothing, nourishing and brightening imperfections. Enough to have a very soft face, like silk!

Black Tourmaline Crystal

Tourmaline is an energizing stone used to revitalize the skin, making it more radiant and younger. This is what Kitching, a healing practitioner, says about Black Tourmaline: this stone is considered a "mystical talisman of luck that evokes a powerful psychic shield against destructive forces" and a powerful protector. Tourmaline crystals are added to the tonic mixture and infused for several days before bottling, in order to impart all their properties to the mixture.

In short ... the Crystal Face Tonic in three keywords:


Do not hesitate to take a tour on our website, in the "boxes" section where we offer the ORIGINS trio, which includes the cleansing oil (purifying, cleanser, and make-up remover), the Crystal Facial Mist (toning), and the serum Elixir (plumping, nourishing). A perfect set for a beauty ritual that will invite you to slow down and reconnect with yourself every day. And, of course, to prepare your skin for the hot summer days that are (hopefully) fast approaching. Not to mention, these signature handcrafted blends have been formulated for ALL SKIN TYPES!

Hope you take good care of yourself and start your days with confidence with our WILD GRACE products.

Kim XX

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