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As we are getting closer to our end-of-the-year reflection time, some of us may wonder what the heck just happened here?
How can we turn the craziness of 2020 into a year of purpose?
Better more, what is my purpose in all of this?  

If you’re like many folks, maybe you've been asking yourself that question for a long time now?
Let’s face it “Why am I here?”
is probably one of the most commonly asked questions that we all face at one point or another. 

According to many spiritual philosophies, the answer is simple:
we manifest into a physical form to fulfill a life purpose that only you and I can complete 
in other words you are on this planet to live out your Dharma or higher calling as the Buddhists call it. 

But then the question becomes:
How do I find my Dharma? 

Finding your dharma can require a little bit of work and self-reflection, but once you figure it out you'll experience complete fulfillment and bliss. 

According to the Chopra Center “When you live in the harmonious flow of dharma, the entire field of pure potentiality opens to you. You’re able to create as much happiness and wealth as you want because you’re aligned with the domain of spirit aka the unlimited source of all manifestation". 

Here are some tips to help you tap into this unlimited power and live your BEST life!

Pay attention to synchronicity.
Life is very good at guiding you if you just pay attention. Notice what or who keeps showing up in your life. If someone or something shows up over and over, it’s likely that the person or thing is tied to your dharma.

Follow callings.
Callings are those things that you feel deep inside your gut guiding you, but that doesn’t necessarily make sense to anyone else but you. You feel a deep pull to do something, but it doesn't come from your mind - it’s more heart-related. In other words, you LOVE it.

Know when it’s time to go and just GO.
If you are feeling like it’s time to move on, then it’s probably time to move on. Your mind might be fighting you, but your Soul knows best. Listen to your Soul.

Be aware that your Dharma is not linear.
The path to your personal dharma may, in fact, feel like a spiral. Just when you think you’ve gotten there, you find yourself spinning deeper into another direction! Surrender to the notion that the journey isn’t always forward.

Make friends with the illogical.
It’s important to know that your dharma is not necessarily coming from a rational place. If you overthink it, you will probably drive yourself crazy, and your dharma will feel even further away.

Have a practice that connects you to a greater source.
Whether it’s yoga, meditation, painting, or walking in the woods, it’s important to connect with a Divine source greater than you because that’s where the information about your dharma lies and that’s where you’ll find the support to step into it.

Have the courage to walk into the mystery.
If you are committed to discovering your dharma, you’ll need to call in a higher level of trust and faith!

Allow breathing space.
Your dharma isn’t something you can “catch.” You need to take steps, then leap, and then let yourself breathe. Patience is an absolute necessity. 

We ALL have a higher calling and I know for a fact now that mine is definitely rooted in WILD GRACE and the passion I have to help you discover your unique beauty from the inside out! There nowhere else I'd rather be than here with you. I hope you know that...

Make sure you stay connected to our different social media platforms and let me know what is your special calling by using the hashtag #wildgracedharma 

I love hearing from you...

In purpose & joy,
Kim XX

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  • Marika Houston

    I needed to read this at this exact moment in my life. Thank you! I just helps me know to trust and be guided. My gut is telling me a lot these days, and I am listening! Thanks again.

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