Let nature, nurture you!

I hope that while reading this you are feeling your best, and if not, I hope you can hold the space in which you are and invite a slowing down and pause from the business of life. 

Today I want to tell you about THE most ancient practice of humans, for which you need absolutely nothing else other than your body and its movement. Sometimes when we live in a city, or even near the forest, the sea, or the jungle, we can become so busy and so tired from work or other social activities that we completely forget that we are an intrinsic part of the planet we live in and a nurturing symbiotic relationship needs to be present for all to thrive and be healthy and happy.

This newsletter is a gentle reminder to go outside, to get out of the city if you can, and put on your most lovely winter outfit and boots, to reconnect with nature. Did you know that people who have a strong connection to nature are prone to be healthier and have happier life? 

Since quarantine, I think it became easier than ever to remain indoors for most of the time. Humanity has never been more disconnected from nature. This ancient practice, that is simply spending time in nature, taking in the forest atmosphere with the eyes, the ears, the sense of smell, and building a relationship with nature was called “shinrin-yoku'' by the Japanese during the 80s. “Shinrin-yoku'' means forest bathing and it started being a successful therapy that after many studies have been confirmed to have tremendous effects like lowering high blood pressure, supporting mental health, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as reducing cortisol levels. Meaning a relaxation of your parasympathetic nervous system resulting in the healing of many symptoms and traumas. Let's not forget that with the relaxation of the body, mind, and spirit, comes healthy levels of energy, which can be limited during these winterly grey times of the year.


How to practice shinrin-yoku or forest bathing? 

Leave your phone and devices at home, go to a place where there are enough trees to hear the sound of the leaves dancing to the wind music, and follow wherever the path calls you. You are not searching for anything, this is not a hike or exercise and there is no objective other than creating a stronger bond between yourself and Mother Nature and to let this bond create in you a sense of security in this sometimes crazy, full-speed society.

Just remember to dress according to the weather you are in and be safe!

Kim & the WILD GRACE team

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