What Does Moisturizing the Skin Really Mean?

We all want healthy, glowing skin but many of us are looking in the wrong places. There are an abundance of hydrating and moisturizing skincare products on the market, and it can get confusing! To get this radiant skin we are dreaming of, it is important to understand how the skin functions to most efficiently take in all the hydration and moisture it needs to look and feel its best. Let’stake a closer look.

What You Need to KNOW: Trans-Epidermal Water Loss

In order to understand how to take care of your skin as far as hydrating and moisturizing goes, it’s important to understand water loss to your skin—when and why it happens. Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) is the amount of water your skin loses each day. We lose approximately half a litre of water due to a variety of factors, like temperature--low temperatures are linked to greater TEWL and on the flip side, high temperatures are linked to lower TEWL. You might think it’s the other way around (that you lose more water when you’re warm), however, this temperature pattern explains why your skin is dryer in winter and better hydrated in the summer. Water intake is another factor in TEWL, and we tend to drink less in winter overall, compared to summer. Thus, drinking more water during winter months is good for your skin.

Moisturize your Skin Properly

Using a quality moisturizer that’s right for you can help remedy the effects of TEWL on your skin, particularly during the colder winter months and after swimming, showering or bathing. Moisturizing your skin with a quality moisturizer creates a barrier of protective oils over your skin which in turn reduces the amount of water your skin will lose. The right moisturizing product helps to keep hydration in your skin, prevents water loss and helps create balance. This results in soft, smooth and supple skin instead of dry, rough and flaky skin. This can be accomplished with the regular use of Wild Grace’s serums.

Let Your Doshas Guide You

Inspired by Ayurvedic approach to health and wellness, Wild Grace’s Vata, Pitta and Kapha signature “dosha” serums are each designed to address specific need sof the skin in accordance to the dosha (Vata, Pitta or Kapha) in question. For information about these Ayurvedic doshas, click here. In terms of skin, a predominantly Vata dosha individual generally experiences dryness, premature aging and thinning of the skin. A predominantly Pitta dosha individual may experience sensitivity, rosacea, acne and will have combination skin with a tendency towards inflammation. A predominantly Kapha dosha individual will experience oiliness, cysts, larger pores and/or blackheads.
Which dosha are you?


Wild Grace’s Moisturizing Serums Offer the Following Benefits:

Vata Serum:
  • Protects/Relieves/Soothes dry skin
  • Diminishes/Reduces the look or the signs of aging
  • Skin looks visibly rejuvenated
  • Softens skin
  • Reinforces/Strengthens skin
  • Promotes elasticity
  • Protects from environmental stressors
  • Prevents damage caused by drying / dryness
    Pitta Serum:
    • Gently moisturizes without leaving a greasy feeling
    • Smooths wrinkles
    • Soothes sensitive skin
    • Improves the look of acne scars
    • Relieves redness/itching due to dryness
    • Promotes elasticity
    • Reinforces/Strengthens skin
    • Moisturizes the skin so that complexion looks revitalized (radiant)
    • Skin feels firm

    Kapha Serum:

    • Skin brightening/radiance
    • Tones skin by moisturizing
    • Smoothes wrinkles
    • Skin appears firmer
    • Tightens pores
    • Protects from environmental stressors

    Elixir Serum: 

    • Gently moisturizes without leaving a greasy feeling
    • Smoothes the appearance of wrinkles
    • Soothes sensitive skin
    • Improves the look of acne scars
    • Relieves redness/itching due to dryness 
    • Promotes elasticity
    • Reinforces/Strengthens skin
    • Moisturizes the skin so that complexion looks revitalized (radiant)
    • Skin feels firm
    • Locks in moisture


    THE 3 STEPS to Hydrate and Moisturize Your Skin, the natural way!
    Use moisturizing and hydrating products in harmony for healthy, glowing skin.
    Here’s a simple routine:

    1. Cleanse your skin well.
      Stay tuned, our new Tridoshic (for all skin types) Cleansing Oil will be launching in July!

    2. Tone your skin with a phyto-active mist
      Stay tuned, our new Tridoshic Crystal Facial Mist will be launching in July! (charged with black Tourmaline crystal)

    3. Moisturize & protect your skin with a high-performance Wild Grace serum
      Vata, Pitta or Kapha serum, according to your dosha to maintain your skin’s hydration. 

      Stay tuned, our new Tridoshic Elixir- Plumping Serum, will be launching in July! ***

    4. Drink plenty of water during the day and get your zzz's! xx

    Enjoy your skincare routine with products that are most suitable for you and your skin’s unique needs. Celebrate your self daily with Botanical Rituals that ignite your radiance.

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