Mar 28, 2022

Kapha is associated with water & earth elements

wild grace ayurvedic skincare fro kapha season
In Ayurveda, the late winter to early spring period is considered the Kapha season. In fact, Kapha season is characterized by the qualities of the atmosphere at this particular time period, which include heaviness and stagnancy in the air, cold and cool temperatures, dullness, dampness and moisture from the melting ice, snow or rain.  
These seasonal shifts influence the human system by increasing the same qualities in our minds and bodies. For example, the damp, cold and heavy qualities manifest as accumulated toxins, clogging the energetic channels and lowering our immunity. This is why the arrival of spring can trigger many seasonal imbalances, such as allergies, colds, fatigue and digestive sensitivities.
In order to balance these Kapha season effects, we must lighten, remove and refresh! 
In order to avoid Kapha imbalances, we must reduce the Kapha qualities by adding more qualities of Vata and Pitta into our daily routine. Some Kapha balancing qualities are dryness, lightness and clarity, warmth, and invigoration.

Let us introduce you to some simple Kapha-balancing lifestyle tips:

kapha-balancing tips

The WILD GRACE Kapha collection

The WILD GRACE Kapha Collection was created to balance the oily, dense and heavy qualities of water & earth elements related to the Kapha Dosha.

 WILD GRACE kapha collection

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