Gratitude is the foundation for Abundance


Wife of Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi is usually depicted with four arms to represent the goals of a successful life: Dharma (righteous living), Kama (worldly pleasure), Artha (prosperity), Moksha (spiritual liberation).

Rituals to create unlimited abundance

What you believe, you will receive! If you are often feeling that you’re  "lacking" something (it may be beauty, money, health, love, etc) and you focus on "what's missing" all the time, you will most definitely experience lack in your life. In order to shift your experience (or reality), you have to shift your thoughts (or mindset). A great way to do that and to tap into this potential is to develop a Gratitude practice. 

Gratitude will allow you to quit focusing on what you don’t have – and start focusing on what you DO have. And once you start focusing on gratitude, you will see that there is a lot to be grateful for each day! Like access to hot water, a warm bed, friends, etc... 


Gratitude RITUAL

Place your left hand over your heart.
Place your right hand onto your lower belly.
Exhale deeply.
Give thanks to what is in your life.
Make a mental (or written) list first thing in the morning and/or just before bedtime.
Mean it and feel it and see the abundance flow into your life!
The more you practice the more grateful you will feel.
This creates the space needed for abundance and prosperity to flow and be aligned with spirit.

In Love & Light,


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