You've probably already noticed that our products are bottled into black glass containers. However, I'd like to point out that in fact, they are not black, but purple! This is MIRON dark-violet glass, a type of glass frequently used in the conservation of herbal cosmetics. 

Why this choice of packaging?

Well, as we prize our signature products with being made with pure, high-quality, and potent botanicals, it is only natural that we would want to do everything in our power to preserve and protect these precious ingredients, right? Well, protect them from what you may ask?


Indeed, the sun's rays are composed of different types of light: visible and invisible. The visible spectrum is perceivable when white light passes through a glass prism and splits into different colors, those of the rainbow. Infrared and ultraviolet rays, on the other hand, are invisible to the human eye.

Obviously, light is essential to the growth of all plants around us. However, when it comes to a cosmetic product, where all plants are mature and transformed, an overflow of light has the opposite effect: it degrades the organic molecules through the process of oxidation. 

Thus, MIRON glass filters light, in order to protect our precious WILD GRACE products as much as possible. It blocks visible light, allowing UV and infrared rays to pass through, which have no particular impact on the aging of oils by light. It is therefore a premium quality glass that considerably increases the lifespan of the products and their effectiveness! For our eco-luxe products, nothing could be better!


Pro Tip !

For those of you who are curious, the more technical name for this material is MIRON violet biophotonic glass. Biophotons are the light emitted by living tissue. In Greek, "bio" means life, and "photon" means light. Thus, as natural products absorb solar energy, an increase in the level of photons indicates the vitality and quality of the products. In other words, light, to some degree, stimulates our skin products, both UV and infrared rays as mentioned above.


The effectiveness of this glass

In addition, some studies have shown the effectiveness of this glass.
For example, chopped chives were inserted into three different jars at the same time: one amber, one clear and another made with MIRON glass. After a few months of exposure to the sun, the chives in the MIRON glass container kept their freshness and color, while those in the other jars tarnished and dried out.

[source : https://www.mironglass.com/discover-violetglass]


Perhaps you will now see your favorite WILD GRACE products in a whole new light ;-)

Kim! XX

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