RADHA Goddess

November 05, 2019

RADHA Goddess

Love, Beauty, and Devotion

The Goddess of devotion (also call Radhika) is “the queen of worship”. In some texts, she is described as “the supreme goddess, the protector of all, and the mother of the entire universe”. She is almost always depicted with the Hindu god Krishna. In Bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion) the goddess Radha is very important. She is considered the entrance to the union of souls and the sacred. 

Rituals to tap into your inner magnificence:

Sit quietly and comfortably in a room with a lit candle and your favorite incense. Take a few deep breaths placing your hands on your heart and feel your chest gently rising up and falling down with every inhalation and exhalation. When you feel relax and calm, start to repeat mentally in your head with a soft tone: “I am loved” as you continue to breathe. Continue to repeat this loving mantra for a few minutes until you feel the warmth of the words expand in your chest. When you are finished, gently open your eyes and let the sensation spread into your body.

As you continue your day, repeat the mantra every time to feel insecure or stressed. And remember, you are loved, you are amazing and the whole universe lives within you! 

In the evening, take a candlelit bath and add a few pumps of our Vata Body Oil to the water. Bliss. Sensual. Ignite Your Inner Goddess Radha!

In Love & Light,


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