The importance of a diet in accordance with the change of season

Yes, it's already September! The PITTA season is gradually leaving us to slowly give way to the VATA season. Fall is the season when the Vata dosha is more likely to be out of balance, especially because of the cold and dry variable qualities of this time of year which amplify the unique characteristics of this dosha.


The digestive fire; a pillar of our health

As we have in our article on the six tastes in Ayurveda (click here to access the blog article), diet is, in Ayurveda, a key element in the establishment of physical, mental, and energetic balance. The digestive fire, known as Agni, is the fundamental principle of Ayurveda that allows us to better understand the digestion of the food we eat, but also the emotions we face every day.


Comforting recipes to welcome fall with open arms!

Today I want to share a few quick recipes with you to gradually prepare your body for the onset of the cold season. It is important to incorporate these changes little by little so that the body has time to get used to it. Incorporating slightly richer, softer and sweeter foods into your diet is a rather interesting option since they will provide the hydration and fat intake your body needs in anticipation of the approaching winter, but in plus will bring you an inner calm to help you stay grounded during this change of season.


Here are 3 recipes (one for each meal of the day) that I borrowed from the site of the wonderful Jasmine Hemsley, chef and writer specializing in Ayurvedic food.

  1. Breakfast:
    Baked sweet potato with almond butter, coconut yogurt, blueberries & cinnamon. A pinch of cinnamon to warm up the cold qualities of Vata and blueberries to celebrate the local late summer fruits and bring such a comforting sweet touch!

    CLICK HERE to access the recipe!  

  2. Lunch:
    cream of broccoli with black sesame and watermelon seeds. A little nod to the coming summer with the vibrant green of this exquisite recipe! All credit goes to this famous broccoli, which provides us with a high content of vitamin C. So what better than a hot soup when the autumn breeze kicks in? Yum!

    CLICK HERE to access the recipe! 

  3. Supper:
    coconut lentil casserole. The spices in this dish allow you to take root and warm you up (the nature of Vata being volatile and restless). Coconut milk will bring good fat to your body which is preparing to remain well insulated when the cold arrives!

    CLICK HERE to access the recipe!  

I believe that small, key changes in our daily lives can create a profound and positive impact. Even in a hectic modern world, health, well-being, and happiness are within reach. I encourage people to take charge of their health, using good nutrition, mindfulness, and balance as tools to build a strong, healthy, and vitalized body.

- Jasmine Hemsley

I hope these recipes will inspire you! Do not hesitate to share your culinary experiments via social media, I will be happy to take a peek!

Stay tuned for capsule 2 of the Ayurvedic fall mini-series next week with a beauty ritual that will prepare your skin for the freshness of Fall and accompany you throughout the season.

Take good care!

Kim XX

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