VATA Tips to feeling Grounded

November 15, 2018

VATA Tips to feeling Grounded

Vata is like the wind.

Avoid raw & cold foods. 

Eat warm, unctuous, well-spiced foods prepared in healthy oils such as ghee. Herbs like turmeric, cumin & nutmeg are excellent for vata.

Stay warm. Vatas tend to get cold hands and feet. Make sure you have scarves and sweaters handy. 

Routine is essential to keep vata in balance. Thus, develop daily routines to support balance. Try sticking with a regular schedule for mealtimes, going to bed and waking up.

 Create a grounding yoga practice that emphasizes grounding movement through postures like Tree Pose & Child’s Pose. Move slowly & gently. 

Cultivate daily meditations practices. Start with just 5 minutes a day & slowly move towards 20-30 minutes per day. Keep in mind that regularity is more important than quantity.

 Take warm baths with essential oils of: vetiver, lavender & sandalwood to calm the nervous system & mental body.

Perform self-massage daily with our Vata Body Oil to keep the skin tissue supple & moisturized.

Use our Vata Skincare line morning & evening to experience the benefits of a line formulated just for you & your unique needs.



Care for your skin:

Warm, nourish, hydrate, tone

Rare to experience breakouts
Tans easily
Not chemically sensitive
Fresh and alive
Slightly dry
Doesn’t blush easily
Patches of very dry skin especially over the joints such as cracked heels and dry elbows
Corns and calluses
Psoriasis/dry eczema
Poor tone
Leathery texture
Wrinkles early especially around eyes
Dark circles under the eyes
Grey tones/dark under the eyes
Prone to rashes from allergies


Try our VATA products to balance your wind energy and start feeling more grounded and calm.

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