Why you should try Oil Cleansing

July 17, 2019

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The Oil-Cleansing Method and why it Works

Are you familiar with the latest skin care cleansing treatment, the oil-cleansing method? In simple terms, this treatment is where you use natural oil ingredients in order to remove oil and impurities from your face. It might sound counter-intuitive; however, cleansing oils have become very popular and well received. This skin care method is recommended by dermatologists, and the right oils are surprisingly effective for cleansing your skin.

What is Oil Cleansing?

Oil cleansing is when you use a specific combination of natural oils to cleanse your skin and naturally balance your skin’s own natural oils. This results in more nourished and moisturized skin, compared to other cleansing products. From a scientific perspective, oil dissolves oil (and oil helps moisturize your skin). As chemistry states, “like dissolves like”. It’s true. The right oil cleanser will actually help dissolve the oil that is stuck in your pores!

Why Oil Cleansing?

In some people, skin can sometimes appear worse for a few days to up to about a week. This is thought to be a detoxification reaction as impurities are pulled from your skin. Skin typically improves gradually and over time there will be less and less excess oil on your skin. There is also an elimination of dry skin. Blemishes tend to resolve as well. All of these results can amazingly be achieved without the use of damaging chemicals in facial cleansers and pharmaceutical drugs that can give you unwanted side effects. Some people even describe the results of oil cleansing as an anti-aging treatment!

Cleansing Oil Ingredients

Wild Grace’s Cleansing Oil; a new addition to our line, is made of the following completely organic, natural and safe ingredients. It has a lovely, soothing scent and is of the highest quality :

Flower infused jojoba oil (with rose and calendula flowers), apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, essential oils of geranium, wild lavender, sweet orange, helichrysum, Ho wood, ylang-ylang, and cistus.

How to Wash Your Face with Wild Grace Cleansing Oil: two simple steps

  1. Oil cleansing is recommended for the morning when you wake up and the evening before you go to sleep. In the shower or at your washroom sink, apply 2-4 pumps of Wild Grace Cleansing Oil to damp or dry skin. Gently massage the oil cleanser into your face and neck, using upward and circular motions. Use smooth, circular strokes. Massage for 1-2 minutes. This will also help remove make-up you may have on your face.

  2. Place a clean washcloth under hot tap water until it is completely soaked, and then wring it out. Open the washcloth and place it over your face. This creates steam for your skin which helps remove the oils and impurities in your skin. Leave the wash cloth on your face for about a minute. Repeat if desired with the other side of the washcloth and then gently remove any remaining oil. You will still have a thin layer of oil on your skin and this is good for your skin.

Oil Cleansing: give it a try

At Wild Grace, we want to empower you to reconnect with yourself through self-care rituals, mindfulness, and healthy lifestyle choices that realign you to your authentic and joyful nature. We want you to have the best skin ever by providing the right ingredients for true radiance and a healthy glow! Our oil cleansing product can help you achieve that radiance and glow.



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