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🖤  Crystal Facial Grid

Use this set to elevate your facial rituals. Intuitively place your crystals on your face, neck, and/or torso while you let your favourite facial treatment sink in and activate. You may also follow our suggested placement of crystals illustrated on the complimentary postcard.

🖤  Meditation Tool

Alternatively, use any of the crystals to enhance your meditation practice by placing them in the palm of your hands or next to you during your session.

🖤  What's included?

  • A set of 6 hand-picked tumbled stone crystals natural citrine (it's not yellow!), clear quartz, snow quartz, rose quartz, sunstone & moonstone).
  • A Sacred geometry microfiber cloth to place, energize and clean your crystals.
  • A postcard with descriptions of each chosen crystal.
  • Packaged in a zero-waste cardboard tube to store your crystals and also makes for a handy travel case.

Properties of the crystals


    Abundance, creativity + power.
    It is said to stimulate the crown chakra and balance energy.
    (Origin: Brazil)


    Master Healing stone.
    It is said to activate the pineal and pituitary glands.
    (Origin: Brazil).


    Snow Quartz is said to balance the yin & yang energies (feminine and masculine). (Origin: South Africa)


    It is known to emit calming, cooling energy that can work on all of the chakras to gently remove negativity and reinstate gentle forces of self-love.
    (Origin: Brazil)


    Once believed to be a piece of the sun, sunstone was sought after by ancient magicians to attract the associated wealth and power. It is also thought to relate to the Phoenix that appeared at the first sunrise.
    (Origin: India)


    It is known to enhance intuitive sensitivity, and reduce the tendency to overreact emotionally.
    (Origin: India)

    A great way to place your crystals is to intuitively tune in to what feels right to you. Have fun with the placement, and play around until you find a positioning that FEELS right to you at the moment. Or, you can always follow our suggested ritual described below.

    The crystal facial grid ritual:

    After the application of your facial serum or favorite facial treatment, prepare yourself to lie down in a comfortable place with a blanket at hand. When we are in a meditative state it is normal for the body temperature to cool down quite considerably. Have your crystals with you by your side.

    Place the crystals as such:

    • the moonstone on the third eye area (midpoint of forehead)
    • the citrine on your right cheek
    • the clear quartz on your left cheek area
    • the snow quartz on your chin
    • the sunstone around your throat chakra
    • the rose quartz just above the heart center.

    Once all the crystals are in place, close your eyes, relax and enjoy. It can help to bring the focus on your breath and to silently chant the mantra SAT NAM; chanting Sat on the in-breath and Nam on the out-breath. This is a Sanskrit mantra that is said to signify Truth is my identity, or I am my vibration, I am my frequency.

    Enjoy the crystal facial grid experience!

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