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Enhance your beauty ritual a step further. This comb promotes healthy hair and is made from luxurious healing white jade.


Discover the Scalp-Stimulating Comb in white jade which is so much more than a simple comb. It has been designed to stimulate certain energy points located on the scalp. Facial massage and rejuvenating techniques do not stop at the hairline. It is important to massage your head for long-term results and deep relaxation

This comb is the hair equivalent of a Gua Sha.

Crystal combing boosts the health of your hair and scalp. The increased blood flow equals “increased nutrients to your hair follicle,” which promotes hair growth.


While you brush your hair and scalp with this luxurious crystal comb, focus your energy on the crystal healing powers while letting go of negative energy. Use it daily to help relax your scalp and promote good vibes.


The Crystal Comb is ideal for massaging and stimulating the scalp, pressing on certain energy points such as the top of the head or the cervical, and relaxing the trapezius. It can also be used to massage the neck and base of the forehead at the end of a massage. It is a really pleasant sensation and a pure energy boost.


White Jade is known for its power to make you feel calm and peaceful. White Jade is also known to increase or enhance the energy of love in your life. 

This stone has been known for thousands of years for its beautifying properties. It is said to soothe dry and dehydrated skin and help to reduce marks and scars on the skin.

Use 1-5 minutes before or after shampooing, depending on your preference. Sit back and enjoy this exceptional massage.

1. Start at the back of the head, massage from the trapezius to the cervicals and then to the middle of the head with small vibrating movements.

2. Move back and forth across the trapezius and down the sides of the neck.

3. Massage from the base of the forehead to the top of the skull and down the sides of the skull. (Repeat 5-10 times)

Made from 100% natural, fine white jade stone, not chemically treated, ethically sourced in Brazil. 

Clean before first use and every 2-3 days. Clean all parts in contact with the skin with clear water and soap. Dry well and put back in its pouch. Purify and recharge after cleaning.

10 x 4 cm.

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